An Overview of Dublin, Ohio, Demographics in 2023

This article is meant to be a general overview of Dublin, Ohio demographics. These statistics are always subject to change, and we recommend checking the city’s website for more up-to-date data. Please take the statistics provided with a grain of salt, as they are only meant to be a broad overview.

What are the Demographics of Dublin, Ohio, Like?

If you’re wondering what the population breakdown and demographics of Dublin, Ohio, are like, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll take a look at the most recent data to give you a better understanding of who makes up this city. Spoiler alert: it’s a pretty diverse group!

Dublin, Ohio, is Home to Just Over 50,000 People

Dublin, Ohio, is filled with small-town charm, outstanding schools, and an array of amenities for its nearly 51,000 citizens. Located in central Ohio’s northwest Columbus metro area, Dublin’s streets are lined with old sycamore trees, quaint neighborhoods, and beautiful parks. Residents can find something to enjoy from shopping to golfing to water recreation and every outdoor activity imaginable. With its sidewalks that come alive at night with restaurants, bars, and other entertainment options, locals can experience Dublin life while still taking advantage of big city amenities nearby. With so much variety packed into such a small city footprint, it’s no wonder Dublin is one of the fastest-growing cities in Ohio.

The Median Age in Dublin is Approximately 39.5 years Old

Dublin is a city bursting with energy and opportunity, and its median age of 39.5 demonstrates the youthfulness of its culture. The city caters to various activities and lifestyles from thriving business districts to lively nightlife scenes and country clubs. While families, professionals, and retirees call Dublin home, younger generations are attracted to the city’s modern amenities and job prospects. With some of Europe’s biggest companies and universities located in the city, these opportunities draw people from around the world who come with ambition and enthusiasm. Living in Dublin promises an exciting future for those looking to make their mark in big-city living.

Just Over 60% of the Population is Married

Marriage has been an integral part of society for centuries, so it’s no surprise that more than 60% of the population is married today. But beyond the mere statistics, many positives to marriage should be recognized. For example, studies have shown that married people end up feeling more secure in their lives, enjoy better physical and mental health, and tend to have stronger social ties than single people. Marriage can also offer increased economic stability and security through pooling resources or sharing tasks such as childcare. With so much to gain from being in a committed relationship, it’s no wonder that many people choose to plunge into matrimony.

Medium Home Value of Around $410,000 (as of 2023)

The median home value of Dublin is currently around $400k, rising nearly every year. With the city’s continued growth and high employment, there is an increasing demand for housing. This is not expected to change anytime soon. The up to date market report is always available here. The sale-to-list price has also remained steady at approximately 98% over the past several years. Its safe to say that Dublin is a very in-demand housing market.

Nearly 76% of the Population Has a College Degree or Higher

As we look around the world and our own country, it’s clear that education is both valued and, in some cases, necessary for success. This is evident when you consider that nearly 30% of the population has a college degree or higher. One of the greatest benefits to having a college degree or higher is having access to higher-paying jobs. Not only does this enable them to support their family financially, but with better wages comes better work satisfaction and quality of life. Higher education also provides those with the opportunity to continuously learn new information and develop skills that are then transferable across different areas in life. With an educated workforce, countries have a greater chance of competing in an ever-evolving global market.

The Median Household Income in Dublin is Just Under $150,000 per Year

If you live in Dublin, you can expect a higher-than-average standard of living. According to official figures, the median household income in this vibrant city is just under $150,000 per year. As Dublin is home to a wide range of sectors and industries, from IT and finance to tourism and hospitality, there’s certainly no shortage of employment opportunities. Living in Dublin provides plenty of advantages, such as access to European culture, historical sites, and excellent quality education, so it’s easy to see why the local economy here is booming. With its diverse job market allowing for good earning potential combined with attractive lifestyle features, Dublin is truly an ideal place to live and work.

In Summary

•Dublin is a city of around 50,000 residents located just northwest of Columbus, Ohio. It is consistently ranked one of the safest cities in the nation and home to more than 20 corporate headquarters.

• Dublin offers residents attractive housing, superior public education, direct regional highway access, abundant park space, and innovative ideas and technology for vibrant community life.

• The city has long been recognized for its municipal innovations, including tax increment financing and green initiatives. Furthermore, it houses some large corporations like Cardinal Health or Nestle, which stabilizes its economic base.

• All three high schools rank among the top ones in the country due to their average ACT score of 25.6, making Dublin City Schools the #1 ranked district in Central Ohio,#3 in Ohio & #57 nationally. With 25 institutes of higher learning nearby, there’s also an abundance of educational opportunities available.

• Income taxes are allocated 75 percent to General Fund & 25 percent Capital Improvements Program (CIP), providing resources necessary while maintaining fiscal soundness, which earned them the highest bond ratings from Moody’s Investors Service & Fitch Ratings, respectively – carried by only 3% rated cities, nationwide- thanks to private citizens, civic leaders, government officials & business representatives commitment towards community growth


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